Dedicated Project Team

Technocon Solutions is an IT Company based in Qatar that offers businesses the services of a dedicated project team to help them achieve their IT goals. Our experienced professionals specialize in software development, database management, cloud computing, cyber security, and network administration, providing end-to-end solutions for enterprises of all sizes. With a commitment to quality and timely delivery, we are a reliable partner for any organization seeking IT expertise.


Dedicated Project Team by Technocon Solutions

Responsible for developing the “visible” part of the project, these professionals are the ones who code and test user interface elements and functionality.

These are the experts who take care of everything that happens backstage. In other words, they focus on developing the inner logic and the background components.


These professionals oversee the quality of the entire development lifecycle. They don’t just ensure that the product is as bug-free as possible but also that the processes used to build it have optimal quality.

They are responsible for ensuring that the user experience is intuitive, simple, and engaging.


Professionals that work with the developers on the team to better coordinate development, operations, and testing efforts.

They serve as bridges between the IT team and the business, evaluating processes, determining requirements, and offering suggestions and reports to executives.


The leaders of the development team, they initiate, plan, design, execute, and monitor the entire development process.