IT Staff Augmentation

Technocon Solutions is a leading IT Staff Augmentation Company based in Qatar, providing businesses with the right talent to drive their digital transformation initiatives. Our team of experienced IT professionals has helped clients across various industries, from healthcare to finance, to build and maintain innovative technology solutions. We specialize in providing customized IT staffing solutions that match our clients’ needs, including contract staffing, contract-to-hire, and direct hire. Our commitment to delivering quality services and building lasting relationships with our clients has made us a trusted partner in the IT industry.

One of the key strengths of Technocon Solutions is its commitment to delivering quality resources to its clients.

We follow a strict quality assurance process and conducts thorough screening to ensure that the staff meets the highest standards of quality.


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Why work with us?

Technocon Solutions has a big pool of experienced, skilled, and talented IT Professionals to convert ideas into reality cost-effectively. All our dedicated staff have many years of experience in offering solutions to big and small businesses worldwide. Below are the benefits of hiring our dedicated staff:


If you require a proficient IT team that possesses the exact skill set required for your project and can guarantee superior performance, get in touch with us. Our dedicated team will apply their knowledge and expertise to provide optimal solutions for your specific needs.


Engage Technocon to hire a dedicated IT team that guarantees the necessary scalability and flexibility to achieve your business objectives.

Technocon Solutions provides businesses with a dedicated team of IT experts who work collaboratively in an environment characterized by transparency, understanding, and complete control.

The primary objective of Technocon Solutions' dedicated IT teams is to ensure that your IT initiatives deliver the highest possible business value.


In our recruitment process, we conduct a thorough assessment of candidates' numerical reasoning abilities, technical expertise, and interpersonal skills. We only recommend engineers to our clients who perform exceptionally well in all of these areas.

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation is a flexible service that allows businesses to quickly add specialized talent to their team as and when required. This service provides a practical solution for businesses to fill temporary or hard-to-find positions, which can boost the scalability and efficiency of project development. The use of IT Staff Augmentation has become increasingly popular globally as it helps organizations reach their goals faster and cost-effectively.

This approach enables businesses to leverage the expertise of external professionals to bypass sourcing, recruiting, and retaining talented software engineers, filling in gaps in their team and reaching their objectives with the help of both in-house and external experts.